Addressable Disconnect Tool (ADT) (Ballistic, 2.00")

Product Description

The 2” OD Addressable Disconnect Tool (ADT) is run below the CCL in the tool string. It is a ballistic tool, utilizing an explosive to execute a disconnect.

The Model CF ADT is used with ControlFire systems or with the ICSI Addressable Switch when using EB-style pressure switch systems. It will also accept any other type of addressable switch as long as it is not an integral part of the detonator. The Model CF ADT utilizes an A-105 detonator.

The Model DE ADT is used with the DynaEnergetics DynaSelect system, and utilizes a DynaEnergetics DynaSelect detonator.

The ADT can be lifted with any tool string that the CCL can be lifted with. A tool string weighing up to 500 lbs can be lifted from the ground without the use of a pickup sleeve. An optional tube can be ran over the small OD of the Fishing Neck to mitigate flex in heavy tool strings.

The ADT is pull rated to 18,000 lbs, with the weak point being at the Separation Collar. However, the tool is designed such that no weight or compression is on the Separation Collar when the tool is under hydrostatic pressure.

When the decision is made to disconnect, an addressable code is sent to the addressable switch and current is supplied to the detonator. The detonation shears the Release Assembly and severs the Hydrostatic Equalizing Plug, equalizing the tool and releasing the Fishing Neck.

2” ADT Specifications…

  • OD: 2.00”
  • Length: 26.9” for Model CF; 22.2” for Model DE
  • Weight: 18 lbs for Model CF; 16 lbs for Model DE
  • Pull rated at 18,000 lbs (in air)
  • Pressure rated to 20,000 psi
  • Rated for 350°F with ICSI Switch (347°F with ControlFire Switch)
  • Standard 1-3/16”-12 threaded connections (same as Cable Head) at top and bottom of tool