Cable Head Sleeve

Product Description

When sand collects in the annulus between wireline and over-the-line weight bars, it creates a situation where it is impossible to pull out of rope socket.  The Cable Head Sleeve was built to prevent that from happening.

The Cable Head Sleeve is available in both 2.75" and 3.125" OD's, and is bored out to accept 1-7/16" Cable Heads.  It uses a standard 2.00" ACME thread so that it is compatible with most weight bars.  Two sets of vent holes in the Sleeve allow sand entering the weight bars to pass on through the annulus and exit through the Sleeve.

The Cable Head Sleeve is highly recommended when using ICSI's Over-The-Line (Thread-Through) Knuckle Joints, because incorporating the Sleeve allows the Knuckle Joint to be placed within inches of the top of the Cable Head.  This moves the pivot point closer to the middle of the string, allowing for greater flexibility when running in a highly deviated well.