Electronic Conductor Swivel (2.75")

Product Description

The ICSI Electronic Conductor Swivel features dual pressure balance chambers that compensate for wellbore pressure using pistons rather than rubber bellows.  This, along with four sturdy bearing races, provides a very rugged, low-maintenance system.  Internal electrical components are encapsulated to insure that there is no electrical leakage.

ICSI's Electronic Conductor Swivel features two separate swivel points and separate sand seals to insure rotation of the device.

This Swivel has an OD of 2.75".  The top of the tool has an internal 1 3/16"-12 thread to accept most standard Cable Heads and an external 2"-6 ACME thread that can thread into most Over-The-Line Weight Bars.  The bottom of the Swivel accepts a standard 1-5/8"-6 ACME thread.  To connect a CCL to the bottom of the Swivel, the ICSI CCL Top Sub can be threaded onto most standard CCL's to give them the correct top connection.

ICSI Electronic Conductor Swivel Specifications...

  • OD:  2.75"
  • Length:  17.0"
  • Pressure Rating:  22,000 psi
  • Electrical Connections:
    • Top of Tool Internal Thread:  1-3/16"-12 (for Cable Head)
    • Top of Tool External Thread:  2"-6 ACME (for Over-The-Line Weight Bars)
    • Bottom of Tool Internal Thread:  1-5/8"-6 ACME