Hydraulic Remotely Actuated Vent Sub (10k)

Product Description

The Hydraulic Remotely Actuated Upper Lubricator Vent / Injection Valveā€™s primary purpose is to vent air or gas from the top of a lubricator before pressure testing the lubricator. Utilization of a vent sub allows the air to be vented through a larger opening than is available through the grease head flow tubes, which protects against extreme temperatures (adiabatic heating) that would otherwise cut the wireline armors or melt the insulation around the conductor wire.

The ICSI Hydraulic Remotely Actuated Vent Sub was built to keep the guys on the ground safe. The Vent Sub houses a normally-closed, spring-loaded valve. When voiding air from the lubricator, pressure is applied to the sub via a hydraulic hand pump, keeping the Vent open. Once all air has been removed from the lubricator, the pressure is relieved from the hand pump, and the Vent Sub closes.

This functionality isolates well pressure at the grease head rather than leaving a pressurized hose lying on the ground or in a tote for the duration of the wireline run. This extends the life of hoses and eliminates one more safety hazard on the ground.

The Hydraulic Remotely Actuated Vent Sub can be set up as an injection valve, allowing the injection of methanol or glycol during winter months to prevent freezing up or to try to clear up an already-frozen lubricator.

The assembly adds very little length or weight to the grease head. It is also a relatively low maintenance, simple design with few moving parts.

The Vent/Injection Valve is available for 5k, 10k, and 15k service. The Valve Seat is field replaceable on all new Vent Subs.