Hydraulic Remotely Actuated Vent Sub (15k)

Product Description

The design of the 15k Hydraulic Remotely Actuated Vent Sub is very similar to the 10k version, but with a couple major differences. Like the 10k Vent, the 15k Vent Sub houses a normally closed valve. When voiding air from the lubricator, pressure is applied to the sub via a hydraulic hand pump, keeping the Vent open. Once all air has been removed from the lubricator, the pressure is relieved from the hand pump, and the Vent Sub closes.

In addition to the overall construction being stronger to handle higher well pressures, the 15k Vent Sub features an Emergency Valve Closing Port. With this feature, an additional hose can be run to the Vent, and pressure applied with a hydraulic hand pump to force the Vent valve closed. If a valve is forced closed, the valve cone and seat may need to be replaced.

The Hydraulic Remotely Actuated Vent Sub can be set up as an injection valve. The Valve Seat is field replaceable on all new Vent Subs.

The 15k Hydraulic Remotely Actuated Vent Sub also features an interchangeable Debris Retarder insert that helps keep larger debris from making its way into the Vent Sub. This feature reduces the amount of maintenance required on the Vent. Debris Retarder inserts are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate the size of wireline being run.