Mechanical Weak Point Sub

Product Description

The Mechanical Weak Point Sub (MWP) provides a predictable, consistent, reliable mechanical weak point.  This allows an operator to disconnect from a tool string without the aid of a release tool, provided that the operator is at a depth where he or she can adequately pull the required amount of tension on the cable head to separate the Weak Point.  The MWP can prove especially helpful when running jacketed wireline, which does not lend itself to conventional rope socket weak point construction.

The Mechanical Weak Point Sub replaces the contact (teardrop) sub on a standard cable head and can be adapted to any rope socket.  The MWP uses Spring Cartridges to determine the tension required to separate the Sub.  Cartridges are assembled and encapsulated at ICSI and shipped as drop-in assemblies.  These are available in a wide variety of tension configurations to fit the needs of every operation.

The MWP must be run with either the ICSI Fishing Neck (designed specifically to support the Weak Point) or ICSI’s POP (Pump-Off Prevention) Tool.  The Fishing Neck prevents excessive sideloading from damaging the MWP when picking up and laying down heavy strings.  The POP Tool makes it possible to run over-the-line weight bars above the Weak Point and still disconnect from the tool string using the Mechanical Weak Point Sub.