NB Mechanical Addressable Disconnect Tool (MADT-NB) (Non-Ballistic, 2.75")

Product Description

The 2 3/4" OD Mechanical Addressable Disconnect Tool - Non-Ballistic (MADT-NB) is run between the CCL and the Quick Change in the tool string.

This is a non-ballistic tool.  No explosives are required.  This eliminates explosives safety issues, explosives compliance issues, and concerns of explosives degradation due to thermocycling.

The MADT-NB can be used with most addressable switch systems, as long as the switch is not an integral part of the detonator.

When the decision is made to disconnect, an addressable code is sent to the addressable switch installed in the tool.  Current is supplied, a mechanical release system is activated, and a port is opened.  This equalizes pressure inside the tool, and the Fishing Neck that is attached to the Fish is released.

The MADT-NB is returned to ICSI for maintenance and post-release rebuilds.  The tool should be sent in for maintenance every 100 runs or 6 months, whichever comes first.  Switches are replaceable by field personnel at intervals determined by the wireline company's management.

The MADT-NB can be lifted with any tool string that the CCL can be lifted with.  It needs no Shock Sub and can take any shock the CCL can handle.

The temperature rating is limited only by the addressable switch.  Most switches are rated for 350F or less.

The ADT is pull rated to 26,000 lbs and the weak point is at the Release Assembly.  However, when the tool is in the well under hydrostatic pressure, the Release Assembly has no weight or compression on it due to the design of the tool.

MADT-NB Specifications...

  • OD: 2.75"
  • Length: 24.63"
  • Weight: 45 lbs
  • Pressure Rating: 20,000 psi
  • Pull Rating: 26,000 lbs (in air)
  • Temperature rating is determined by the addressable switch being used.
  • Standard 1-5/8" ACME connections at top and bottom of tool