Over-the-Line (Thread-Through) Knuckle Joints

Product Description

The Over-the-Line (Thread-Through) Knuckle Joint can be placed between multiple over-the-line weight bars or in between the ICSI Pump Off Prevention System or Cable Head Sleeve and over-the-line weight bar.  The Cable Head Sleeve is highly recommended when using ICSI-s Over-The-Line (Thread-Through) Knuckle Joints because incorporating the Sleeve allows the Knuckle Joint to be placed within inches of the top of the Cable Head.  This moves the pivot point closer to the middle of the string, allowing for greater flexibility when running in a highly deviated well.

The purpose of these Knuckle Joints is to make the tool string more flexible. This helps to relieve the stress applied to the Addressable Disconnect Tool, aiding in the proper function of the ADT during a release. Knuckle Joints also relieve some of the stress on the wireline where it enters the cable head, which can be especially problematic when picking up and laying down large, heavy tool strings.

Many knuckle joints utilize insulated electrical contacts, which can cause serious issues with prolonged use. The ICSI Over-the-Line Knuckle Joint eliminates these issues, as it does not require any electrical connections.

The Over-the-Line Knuckle Joint is available with either 2” ACME connections or with 1-5/8” ACME connections, and in 2.75” or 3.13” OD’s.  It has a maximum deflection of 8 degrees and can handle 10,000 lb. side loads.


  • Pull Rating: 50,000 lbs.
  • Side Load Rating: 10,000 lbs.
  • OD: 2.75” or 3.125”
  • Length: 11.33” for 2” ACME10.44” for 1-5/8” ACME
  • Maximum Bend Angle: 8 Degrees
  • Connections: 2” or 1-5/8” ACME