Perforating Gun Boring Tool

Product Description

In the event that a tool string malfunction results in a pressurized perforating gun barrel being removed from the well, the Perforating Gun Boring Tool allows its user to to relieve the pressure remotely, from a safe distance.

The Perforating Gun Boring Tool was designed to be a safer alternative to a standard Perforating Gun Punch.  When a Gun Punch pushes through a gun barrel, it punches out a round plug that can violently bounce around the inside of the gun barrel, slamming into very volatile primer cord and shape charges.  The Perforating Gun Boring Tool from ICSI uses a pneumatic drill motor to spin an end mill, boring a hole through the wall of a gun barrel.

The clamp is designed to grip firmly onto a 3-3/8" gun barrel, but inserts can be used to adjust for smaller guns.  The adjustable travel limiter allows the user to set the travel distance of the mill, so as not to over-penetrate the barrel and run into explosives.  This piece of equipment can be special-ordered to work with much larger gun barrels as well.