Pump Off Prevention System

Product Description

The Pump Off Prevention System is designed to prevent tool strings from being lost as a result of being pumped off of the line during plug and perf operations.

The POP System consists of the Tensile Screw Weak Point Sub attached to the cable head, and a Pump Off Prevention Tool attached to the top of the Shooting CCL. The rope socket in the cable head would be made up at full strength. The Tensile Screw Weak Point would be set at a normal pullout strength.

In the event that the Tensile Screw Weak Point fails due to excessive pump rate, the Pump Off Prevention Tool would catch the cable head. Thus, the tool string would not be lost, avoiding an expensive fishing job.

The Pump Off Prevention Tool incorporates a disconnect function should the tool string become stuck. After pulling on the cable head with sufficient force to separate the Tensile Screw Weak Point Sub, the Pump Off Prevention System will be activated. Repeatedly pulling tension and then relaxing the line will cause the POP Tool to separate in half. The top of the tool string can then be pulled from the well, leaving a clean fish.

The Pump Off Prevention System covers the cable head. A standard 2” fishing neck, or over-the-line weight bars and a 2” fishing neck, are run above the Pump Off Prevention System.


  • OD: 2 3/4”
  • Pull Rating: 80,000 lbs.
  • Tensile Screw Rating: 425 lbs. each