SR Addressable Disconnect Tool (SR-ADT) (Ballistic, 2.75")

Product Description

The Model SR ADT is the latest addition to ICSI’s family of Addressable Disconnect Tools. This tool uses the same tried-and-true releasing mechanism as previous models, but incorporates some exciting new features:

  • The overall makeup length of the tool is only 25 inches!
  • The Model SR ADT utilizes a shorter Fishing Neck than other ADT models, eliminating the exposed 2” portion of the tool and the associated flex point! With the Model SR ADT, no pickup sleeve is required! The SR-ADT can be lifted with any tool string that the CCL can be lifted with!
  • Connections between the Fishing Neck and Actuator have been reinforced, making inner components more resistant to damage caused by operators attempting to tighten through the tool!
  • The Hydrostatic Equalizing Plug (HEP) no longer has to be removed from the Coupling Sleeve to change out detonators, greatly reducing the likelihood of clipping the o’ring on the HEP and flooding the tool.
  • Detonator swaps are now incredibly quick and simple! Slide the old Detonator Cartridge out of the Actuator and slide the new Detonator Cartridge in... THAT’S IT!
  • The addressable switch being used is not tampered with when swapping out detonators. This keeps wiring issues to a minimum, and allows end users to get the maximum usable life out of their switches.
  • The Quick Change Adapter (QCA) is shorter than in previous models, with no internal electrical contacts, eliminating one more possible location for electrical shorts!

Thanks to our Detonator Cartridge System (patent pending), detonator swaps are now incredibly quick and simple! The CCL Adapter (CCLA) is unthreaded from the Actuator, the old Detonator Cartridge is slid out of the Actuator, the new Detonator Cartridge is slid into the Actuator, and the CCLA is again threaded into the Actuator... THAT’S IT! The Detonator Cartridges themselves can be reused many times. This allows the engineers on location to work ahead, replacing the detonators in the Cartridges before they are needed. The loaded Cartridges can then be stored safely with our Shunt Circuit Harness installed.

The Model SR ADT can be used with any select-fire perforating system. It will accept any type of presently known addressable switch. The Model SR ADT utilizes an A-105 detonator. When being used with DynaEnergetics DynaSelect and DynaStage systems, the SR-ADT utilizes a special DE Cartridge to house DynaEnergetics detonators.

The ADT is pull tested to 28,000 lbs, with the weak point being at the Separation Collar. However, the tool is designed such that no weight or compression is on the Separation Collar when the tool is under hydrostatic pressure.

SR-ADT Specifications…

  • OD: 2.75”
  • Length: 25”
  • Weight: 40 lbs
  • Pull tested to 28,000 lbs (in air)
  • Pressure rated to 22,000 psi
  • Temperature rating is determined by the addressable switch being used.

NOTE to EB-style gun system users:
The Model SR ADT cannot currently be adapted to run with EB-style systems. The Model CF ADT (page 1) must be run with ICSI’s Addressable Switch to accommodate EB-style systems. However, components from the Model SR ADT can be used on the Model CF ADT to make the tool shorter and more rugged.