T Clamps (Greaseless / Conventional / Open Hole Line)

Product Description

This T-Clamp uses interchangeable brass or plastic inserts to accomodate a variety of lines.  The inserts are secured in place by set screws and can be punched out through punch holes in the plates.

Replaceable plastic inserts grab onto jacketed line so that the clamps (if used properly) can be used without damaging the jacket, and brass inserts can be used for clamping onto conventional line.

All ICSI T-Clamps have three attachment points for clevises.

We recommend not pulling more than 5,000 lbs on jacketed wireline to avoid damaging the jacket.

Brass inserts are kept in stock for 9/32, 5/16, and .464-.474 open hole line, and plastic inserts are kept on the shelf for .355 jacketed line.  However, inserts can be ordered to accomodate any size line up to .474 upon request.