True Cable Head Tension Tool (TCT)

Product Description

The True Cable Head Tension Tool provides feedback to let its user know how much tension is being pulled at the cable head, aiding in accidental pullout prevention and also allowing its user to know how much tension can actually be pulled in deep wells.

The ICSI TCT provides tension measurement and an active CCL for depth control while logging through Warrior. A Hunting-Titan 2-3/4” passive shooting CCL mates to the bottom of the True Cable Head Tension Tool to provide depth control for perforating operations.

The cable head is threaded into the 1-3/16”-12 GO Box connection at the top of the tool. An over-the-line weight bar, fishing neck, or POP tool is threaded onto the 2”-6 ACME male threads at the top of the tool.

The True Cable Head Tension Tool is made from titanium to minimize the impact of thermal expansion compensation. The TCT is compatible with all addressable switch systems, and is also compatible with the EB-style perforating systems. The TCT can be run above the ICSI Addressable Disconnect Tool.

The Warrior service has an automatic voltage cut out of 37 volts and a current cut out of 70 milliamps. The Tool requires 28 volts (typical top of tool voltage) and around 48 milliamps powered through the Warrior Interface Panel. If running a Warrior panel, no additional panels are required to run the True Cable Head Tension Tool.


  • Pull Rating: 60,000 lbs
  • Temperature Rating: 400°F
  • Pressure Rating: 20,000 psi
  • Measurement Range: -1,000 lbs to 5,000 lbs